Yachts in Sanremo Blast Horns for Healthcare Workers Amid Coronavirus Lockdown – video

The Crew of yachts' docked in Sanremo Portosole made a magic symphony tonight with a minute tribute of blasting horns, ringing bells and Yachties clapping and cheering for the doctors and healthcare workers following one month of lock down after the government declared state of emergency in the area over the coronavirus.

Silver Dream, Capitol, Kingdom and Auspicious were among the cheerleading Yachts that sent their Super Yacht version of #ClapForKeyWorkers sound rolling down the Italian Riviera. The sound these yachts played in symphony ( or maybe in competition) was absolutely breath taking and deafening at the same time !

As the sirens faded and the sun set, the Sanremo Hospital where COVID19 patients are currently being treated, lit up in the colours of the Italian flag.

Lock down aka #stayhome ( or #stayonboard for Yachties) has been in action here since the 12th of March where unless you needed to buy food, medicine or go to hospital then you shouldn't be outside your residence. This came about when Italy was not shifting from the top of the "most affected by the virus" scoreboard. It definitely was a game changer in Italian traditions that day the cafe's shut. Going in for a morning espresso and hearing the news directly from the cafe owner and the worry in his voice was heartbreaking.

The first Italian lockdowns began February 21st, covering eleven municipalities of the province of Lodi in Lombardy, and affecting around 50,000 people.

The Sanremo lockdown was scheduled to end after 2 weeks, however we are now going into our 5th and the light at the end of the tunnel date has been extended to May 5th for the whole of Italy. And imagine for the key workers that's 24 hour, round the clock assistance at the Sanremo Hospital - A huge thank you to the Healthcare Workers of Sanremo. We salute you !

The initiation activated by Med Yacht Services, showed the wonderful community spirit of the yachting industry amid the lockdown and uncertainty of when the travel sector will gain momentum again. As well as the appreciation

Shall we do it again? Say same time next Friday and get the whole Mediterranean Yacht scene to join in ? #Unitedbywaves

Let's all come together and show medical staff around the world fighting corona virus to keep us safe a BIG and LOUD thank you 🙏

This is following a series of activations to support the cause that brilliant and proactive Yacht Crew are leading.

Barbara (aka @Missyachtshow) is leading a valuable mask collection; "we’re collaborating with Superfici Lab, a company, based in La Spezia, that deals with 3D printing in the field of yachting. Superfici Lab are printing in 3D the parts to join the masks to the polmonar ventilators in Hospitals.So we would like to make an appeal to all Yachting Industry and Yachts in Tuscany and Liguria.If you have these masks onboard, please donate them, even just one can make the difference. Please feel free to contact us DM; crew have been donating extra onboard masks to hospital staff."

The Wellness Connector (aka Millie / 2nd Stew) - in mental health coaching is there for all the inspiration you are craving for.

If you are looking to fill that social distancing gap virtually you can check out @HappyCrewApp

For those of you that are feeling cabin fever or shall we call it #Crewona fever since our seas plans have literally been dry docked; share with us what the #crewona fever has got you doing on tiktok or insta and tag @crewprivilege - I was in hysterical giggles seeing Josh and Laura turning the washing machine into a very realistic airplane window and Bree landing a drone on her head!!

And then then there is a group of key crew from all ranks that are all individually respected as people you can trust in the industry. These guys have come together for no other reason but to be there for all us crew ! Yeah WOW it is such a nice family support vibe; since remembering that we have all left our loved ones for the dream yachting career.

I feel like it is not just at this time of crisis and uncertainty - these are the kind hearted crew that will be your support at anytime during your yachting lifecycle so it is great to see yet another positive like this evolve out of a stressful situation.

But for the right here and now and information directly related to coronavirus; your colleagues that are in the know; can be found on this instagram page @coronavirus_yachtie

And this is where I leave you in safe hands with this list of where you can find the above team in the area closest to you.

#Stayonboard crew family ! And be kind to one-another, it is times like this we need each other more than ever !

Save this list:

🇺🇸 NY- Andrea @yachtdame 🇺🇸 FL - Chelsea @thechelseahaines 🇮🇹 La Spezia/Tuscany - Barbara @missyachtshow 🇮🇹 Sardinia-Leonarda @seastarshipping 🇮🇹 Sanremo & 🇬🇧 Vanessa @veebock 🇮🇹 Genoa - Giovanni @happycrewapp 🇮🇹 Genoa - Kiyra @thegreenstewardess 🇦🇺 Australia-Karine @the_crew_coach 🇲🇨 Monaco-Marcela @onboardwithmarcela 🇲🇨/ 🇫🇷 Monaco-Valentina @monacoyachtinggroupmc 🇫🇷 Cannes-Carole @thestewardesscorner 🇫🇷 Antibes-Sylvia @sylvia_dk 🇬🇧 UK - Millie @thewellnessconnector 🇪🇸Palma🇫🇷AntibesStacey @pya.crew 🇪🇸 Barcelona - Cristina @yachtangels 🇪🇸 Ibiza - Veronica @veronicafeliciotto 🇪🇸 Palma - Rhea @yachtinginternationalradio 🇲🇹 Malta-Emma @themalteseyachtstew 🇭🇷 Croatia-Zara @zara_aam 🇸🇪 Sweden-Helena @yachting_sweden 🇿🇦 South Africa-Alex @yachtieworld 🇿🇦 South Africa-Jared @Jaredwatney 🇿🇦 South Africa-Sandra @theyachtpurser

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