Yacht Crew to Flight Crew


For those of you who think the "grass is always greener" or in Yacht Crew world "the ocean is always bluer" then why not change your workplace from ocean to sky?

Emirates are recruiting again so if you are thinking of jumping ship but still aren't ready to give up Crew life then you are more than qualified for this gig.

Get your resume shiny, up-to-date and printed along with a nice professional head shot (yes ocean back ground in a white polo will be fine) and come along to any one of the Open Days listed below. You don't need to be from the city that you attend the open day in eg. I am Australian and I can go to the open day in Munich.

Ok, I did it the other way round ( Flight Crew turned Yacht Crew ) but I honestly would recommend being flight crew - and namely Emirates Flight Crew to anyone! Do I miss it? No, I did my time and I was ready for the next chapter but hell I enjoyed the ride. Did I love it? YES! Abso-fricken-lutely !!

One of the first questions I get asked when people find out I was a Trolley Dolley is around turbulence; actually rewind - they always first tell me a story of this one time when they or their friends cousins auntie flew with Emirates ( insert my head nodding slowly and an "ahhhh that's nice" comment). Then turbulence - now I have done a crossing and turbulence ain't got anything on that! No Flight Crew go to a flight and need to prepare by taking motion sickness tablets, so you'll be right! But back to the question, fyi turbulence is just like little road bumps when you are driving but in the sky they are i the form of little air pockets. And turbulence can not ever bring a plane down. Flight Crew training sufficiently gets you prepared for all sorts of turbulance, when to expect it, how to prepare for it and how to not freak out because the passengers are looking for your smiling face to stay calm, and freaking out passengers is way worse then any from of a shaking plane.

Next question is around how is it being a female and living in Dubai (they tilt their head in disbelief that I survived my bedouin desert living ) ... I am not even going to dive into that because I can go for days on this topic - but in short - it's just like living anywhere else in the world as a woman, there is no strange issues, at all, full stop no returns. Dubai even has a Minister of Happiness these days !! Living in Dubai is awesome, especially as a female.

Finally they get to asking me the interview tip questions: here I can tell you what I personally did, but it worked for me, I was straight through and in Dubai 2 weeks after my interview!

Open day tips from a pro (note: self titled pro):

1) Take it seriously, dress like you were applying for one of the top 4 legal firms in New York. Suit up!

2) Look the part; from tip to toe before every single flight you will have your image and uniform checked - so don't think that that part doesn't start from the second you walk into your open day. Girls - stockings are a must, if you are wearing a skirt -keep it knee length - just all around stay classy ( insert Ron Burgundy's sign-off phrase). No fake anything on the face (lashes, lips, whatever else). Keep jewellery to a minimum, pearl earrings for example are what we would wear onboard, one ring and a watch.

Guys - clean shaven is a must, hair should be of an appropriate length (you shouldn't see the skin of your head) and natural colour. Hair - I was lucky enough to be living with a hairdresser at the time of my open day in Adelaide, so I said whip me up like a 1950's Pan Am Stew with the beautiful french roll ( #thanks @mj_bymatjohnson )

Nails - groom them! No spikey bits, no cracked polish, actually take note of the 4 Emirates nail colour options: 1) French 2) Clear 3) Red 4) Nude

Lippy - put it on, you may as well get used to it from day one! Plus you want to show off that golden "Emirates smile" and show them you fit the part. Tattoos - If they can be seen in the uniform; sorry but its already a no.

3) Be prepared for group interviews... my biggest tip here is be respectful of the other candidates, you might want to show your skills but working as Crew as you know comes with a great deal of team work, so bring your team building attributes from the boat to the open day.

4) Bring examples - service delivery, service delivery, service delivery - shall I say it again, ok one more time: service delivery in for the win! When have you gone above and beyond to make the day of a charter guest, or when have you taken notice of the owners daughters favourite things and wowed her by creating something straight from your imagination? Yacht Crew are leagues ahead in this game, at this point you can literally give the interviewer a bowl of popcorn while they sit in amazement with you rolling off all the examples. I have spoken to so many yachties and the amount of times I am speechless at the effort Crew have gone to to impress guests; I've even heard of an aft deck being turned into a scene from that Hawaiian cartoon Moana, sand and all brought onboard. Or a 40th wedding anniversary (which is represented by pearls) the table was decorated in oyster shells and a stunning underwater theme (where pearls come from) and to fit the scene out to perfection a crew

was dressed as a pirate when greeting the guests on arrival. Even better if you bring examples of times haven't gone to plan and a guest was upset for whatever reason (yes; even them having a bad day and taking it out on you counts here) and what you did to still ensure the guests had a great time in the end. As you can imagine, dealing with 400 passengers at 40,000 feet, you learn to expect the unexpected, but if you have the mindset of dissolving problems and seeking solutions, topped with a caring smile, then the passengers experience is in your capable hands.

Check out all the info on the official Emirates career page: www.emiratesgroupcareers.com

But if you have any questions, send them my way vanessa@crewprivilege.com, and I will answer from my experience.

Ok I won't keep you at bay any longer (no punn intended), here's the open dates:

Australia, Adelaide (where my Crew life journey began)

19-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Hilton Adelaide 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide South Australia 5000, Australia

Australia, Brisbane

16-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Corner Ann & Roma Streets, Brisbane 4000, Australia

Australia, Canberra

19-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Crowne Plaza Canberra Binara Street, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Australia, Perth

16-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Parmelia Hilton Perth 14 Mill Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Australia, Melbourne

23-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Stamford Plaza Melbourne 111 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia

Australia, Sydney

23-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney 199 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Belgium, Brussels

03-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Sofitel Brussels Le Louise Hotel Hotel Avenue de la Toison d’Or, 40. B-1050, Brussels, Belgium

Croatia, Zagreb

28-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

The Westin Zagreb Izidora Krsnjavoga 1, Zagreb 10000, Croatia

Czech Republic, Prague

20-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Dorint Don Giovanni Hotel Vinohradska 157a, 130 20 Prague 3, Czech Republic

Denmark, Copenhagen

09-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen Hotel Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen V, DK-1611, Denmark

Estonia, Tallinn

02-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel FR. R. Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn, 10147, Estonia

Germany, Munich

07-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

The Westin Grand Munich Arabellastrasse 6, 81925 Munich, Germany

Greece, Athens

28-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Athenaeum Intercontinental 89-93 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece

Latvia, Riga

04-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Conference & Spa Hotel Hotel Elizabetes street. 55, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia

Lithuania, Vilnius

06-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel Didzioji, 35/2, LT-01128, Vilnius, Lithuania

New Zealand, Auckland

26-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Grand Mercure Auckland 8 Customs Street East, 1010 Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, Christchurch

26-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Rydges Latimer Christchurch 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch, New Zealand

Malta, Malta

23-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Le Meridien St Julians Hotel + Spa 39, Main Street, Balluta Bay, STJ1017, St Julians, Malta

Romania, Bucharest

16-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Sheraton Bucharest Hotel 5-7 Calea Dorobantilor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Slovakia, Bratislava

16-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava Trnavska cesta 27/A, 831 04, Bratislava, Slovakia

Spain, Malaga

16-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Hilton Garden Inn Avenida de Velazquez, 126, Malaga, 29004, Spain

Spain, Seville

20-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Meliá Lebreros Calle Luis de Morales, 2, 41018 Sevilla, Spain

Poland, Krakow

27-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre Wielopole 4, 31-072 Kraków, Poland

United Kingdom, Leeds

10-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Hilton Leeds City Neville Street, Leeds, LS1 4BX, United Kingdom

United Kingdom, Liverpool

13-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Liverpool Marriott Hotel City Centre One Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RH, UK

United Kingdom, London

23-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

London Heathrow Marriott Bath Road, Heathrow Airport, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 5AN, UK

United Kingdom, Newcastle

18-JUN-2018 08:00 AM

Crowne Plaza Newcastle Stephenson Quarter Hawthorn Square, Forth Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3SA , United Kingdom

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