Whirlwind Rendezvous

Barcelona, Spain

On again, off again, the years go by through different equations of distances, destinations, duties and doubt; we find ourselves again trying to make “Us” and “Yachting” work. This time, he takes a crossing job, Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona. I finish up on a temporary gig and find a one-way flight to make my way over for the Med Season.

(Norwegian Air FLL-BCN under $300 US with baggage! www.norweigianair.com)

Two weeks later, we meet in sultry, chic Barcelona. Our old apartment in the Gothic Quarter adorned with high ceilings, the perfect little balcony and shuttered windows sets the tone for our rendezvous. The cava, tapas and mazes of alleyways with dimly lit cafes and taverns beckon.

(Search “Classic Apartment with Great Location” hosted by Niki on Airbnb www.airbnb.com)

We take a local bus out of the city for a weekend and stay a night in sleepy, medieval Besalu. We walk the quiet, cobblestone streets and duck out of the rain into a pizzeria. We drink cheap house wine; hold hands over the iconic bridge over the trickling river and green meadows. It feels like we’ve stepped into a fairytale.

( 4 euro one-way direct from Barcelona to Besalu - 1 hr 45min on Tiesa bus www.renfe.com )

Weeks pass and the mornings are long and lazy, our photos dazzle distant acquaintances but beneath it all the truth tugs at our rambling limbs. He needs work. I don’t know what I want. Decision and Discussion dance dauntingly on the horizon. What happens next? When will we part ways? How will the distance serve us this time? How long can we keep this up?

And since we don’t have the answers, we have another Estrella and let the contrast of crisp crust and soft, chewy dough inside the perfected Spanish baguette take the topic of lunch today...

Sonja Maryn


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