The Yacht Is Your Gym Stews!

Pre season have you been putting in the effort getting your body beach ready? That is until the inevitable, your boat leaves on charter. Away from the gym you let your exercise regime slide and those tasty treats in the crew mess slip down all too easily, almost without you noticing as you rush back and forth through the crew mess. Laundry, cabin, crew mess, handful of sweets, laundry, crew mess, just a crumb of brownie, cabin, crew mess, oh is that a leftover sausage from dinner, you know the drill. Long hours and busy days make the resolve for a good diet and exercise weaken and naughty treats get you through the day. I get it, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising when you are working so hard, but believe it or not exercising will actually give you more energy and get those lovely endorphin's flowing.

I don't have any equipment you say? There isn't enough space? The guests will see?

These are all just excuses. Let the boat be your gym, you just have to be a little inventive and get a workout in where and when you can! A short workout is all that is needed, try to fit in 3 - 4 each week for maximum results. Here are my ideas on where and what to do to make the most out of your boat on charter...

10 Minute Cabin Workouts

When you don't have a lot of time a quick cabin workout can be rejuvenating and effective. Space is the issue here but that's just another excuse, you can have a very effective workout toning your whole body, and in the privacy of our own cabin with the air con blasted up to the max! Ideal! Create yourself a workout plan before you start so you have a routine to get into as this will help with motivating yourself. An example could be 20 squats, 20 lunges,10 push-ups, 10 jumping jacks, plank hold for 20 seconds. Then repeat the entire sequence 3 times. You can increase the number of sets of each as your fitness improves over time. Sneaky little workout nailed!

If you are able to get out on the deck you can really begin to get inventive and use the space around you , try to make your workouts fun and varied so that you don't lose interest. If you one of those annoying early bird like types like me get out on deck early in the morning. It is so peaceful and scenic to be out on the deck as the sun rises and its still warming up, and most of the crew are asleep so no one can see my sweaty self working out. Winning.

HIIT Workouts

Are super if you have the space available, a HIIT style workout on the fly bridge is a great way to burn a big chunk of calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness. HIIT workouts are simple to create and as they involve using body weight exercises at high intensity, they are both time efficient and very effective. Grouping exercises in pairs works well, do them back to back with a 20 secs rest inbetween. For example 30 mountain climbers & 30 squat jumps, 20 seconds rest, then repeat 3 times. Choose 3 or 4 pairs of exercises and remember to keep the intensity high if you really want to see the results. Add some plyometrics (that's jumping to you and me!) such as burpees, squat jumps, lunge jumps and tuck jumps to really feel the burn, tone and blast fat. Boom!

Where else to sneak in a cheeky workout ?

On charter you may not have the luxury of using the guest areas so where else can you sneak in a cheeky workout? The bow can be a good

spot. Use what you have around you as your workout tools to add a bit of spice to your workouts and up the fun. Here are some of my ideas...

Fenders, often stored at the bow when at anchor, are great to use as an exercise ball. Get on one of those bad boys and you can have yourself a great core workout. Just be mindful that the fenders covers arent super dirty or wet, I'd be peeved if my fave sweaty betty top got fender juice all over it. (Who am I kidding - my workout gear is mostly nike sale items! A girl can dream though!)

Look out for Winch's or raised hatches on the bow that could make a good step for a legs and glute workout. We all want to tone up those thighs and bums and one leg up on the winch can really intensify the workout and get those peachy butts. Side or front lunges work great. Be sure to take a rag and polish up those winches after, keep those deckies happy!

Steps !

Steps or raised seating areas can be used for push ups and tricep dips - try 15 push-ups and 15 tricep dips back to back, then rest for 20 seconds and repeat. This will get those arms looking tight and toned, suns out guns out! Plank variations and mountain climbers can work well too with the step addition to add an extra pow to your workout and really strengthen that core. A strong core is the base for all exercises and its importance is often underestimated. When possible try to get in a 5 min core blast at the end of your workout.

Walking lunges are great for toning up your legs. Why not grab two water bottles for weights and use the deck sides. What about a wall sit too, get those legs burning and toning. Time killer and cheeky workout. Boom! I'm all about getting more bang for your buck and if I can get in a sneaky workout whilst doing my job I'm all for it!

Lacking Motivation?

It can be hard to motivate yourself but if you do get yourself into a routine it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Sure you say but its true -

when you get into your groove and begin to see the results it's a great motivator! However to get the results you need to put in the time. My favourite catch phrase is 'you've got to burn it to earn it' and its so true! Your workouts don't need to be long, you just need to give it your maximum effort and really go for it in a short burst and you will see the results. See if you can persuade your cabin buddy to be your workout partner, having a friend to help will really help to motivate you and double the fun! I am all about the fun, working out shouldn't be a chore. Great workout tunes are also essential in my eyes, don't tell anyone but sometimes I listen to best of Britney Spears - toxic is such a classic!

Feed it !

Remember too that half the battle is won in the kitchen so think about your diet and how you can improve it, a healthy diet is vital to getting the results you want. This doesn't mean you can't have the odd packet of Haribos or a cheeky Crunchie, we all need a sugar hit sometimes! My fave are those little Daim chocolate Crunchies, literally addicted! But as they say you are what you eat so try to reduce sugar, up the healthy vibes with nuts and fruit and get your mitts out of the snack cupboard!

Get sweating stews!

About the Author: Hi I am Sophie Barber, a personal trainer from London, living in Antibes. I have 4 seasons under my belt as both Stewardess and as a Deckhand on a variety of different boats, as well as several ski seasons. 2 years ago I returned to london and trained as a personal trainer. Fitness is my passion and it has been since a young age, making it my career was the best decision I have ever made. Now I am back in Antibes and building my business here, in a new location and loving my new life in the sun.

Let me help you towards your goals - the best project you'll ever work on is yourself! What are you waiting for!

Instagram - @lapechefitness

Website - Keep an eye open for my up coming website where I will be blogging about; "What are the essential items you should buy to help you get a great workout outside of the gym?" As well as my ideas for smashing out HIIT workouts on Deck and 10 min cabin workouts and much more!

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