Sneaky Ways To Exercise When Traveling

Often times as a flight attendant or pilot, our schedules are all over the place— leaving little to no time for us to even try to get a workout in!

Some days we make it to the gym or have half an hour for a quick jog outside, and other days it's back to back crazy hours. We're talking about the hours where it's too late out and our gym is closed or too early and your body literally wants sleep!

With a crazy schedule thats never the same each day, it can be easy to let our workouts fall through the cracks! So how is one actually suppose to stay in shape when traveling??

Keep on reading below for a few of our top tips to help you stay fit on the go- especially during the holiday season!

  1. Take A Walk: half the time we are at the airport (or working a flight) we are most likely sitting down. However, you can sneak in some cardio simply by walking the terminals or on your layovers- walk to local restaurants, pubs, or museums! Each step adds up and hey, it counts as cardio!

  2. Squats Matter: okay, so we don't expect you to literally just start squatting at your gate when waiting to board/work your flight, but hear us out with this one! Every time you go to the bathroom, do 10 squats when washing your hands!!! Think about all the times you use the restroom in a day. 10x=100 squats & that's definitely one way to keep you looking fine from behind!

  3. Raise it up: no, we're not talking a glass of wine for a toast- but here's one thing you can raise- your calves!!! Standing in lines and waiting around is common at the airport; especially during boarding. You can easily perform several sets of calf raises to work your legs, plus it's a good stretch for your body as well!

  4. Squeeze It Out: whenever you're sitting down for long periods of time, it's natural to let your posture slack, but take time each hour to focus on squeezing your core by contracting and retracting your abdominal muscles for :30 seconds. This is one way to help give you a nice, tight and toned tummy.

  5. Use your surroundings: have a park nearby? Use the bend for Tricep dips, step-ups, and pushups! A quick workout is better than nothing!

We hope these tips help you out whenever you feel like you need a little boost of energy or feel like you've been falling behind in your workouts! Remember: exercise is just half the key to staying lean and in shape while on the go & not to mention, an easy thing to do while exploring new cities!

Looking for more tips? Checkout our book Fit for Flight on AMAZON for exercise, nutrition, self-care tips and MORE!

Thanks guys,

Casey & Shelby

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