Saffa at home in Antibes

Year after year many South Africans, ranging from all ages, pack their life into a bag and jet off to Europe in search of the dream job on a Super yacht. However, while searching for a job can be exhilarating and full of excitement, it can also come with its hardships.

Those are the days that make a South African miss home the most.

Here are 5 things that can help make a Saffa feel at home:


Nothing can beat the taste of a succulent slice of biltong to make a South African feel at home after a tough day of dockwalking.

Luckily being based in Antibes comes with it perks. There is a company (Biltong Power) that distributes Bitong Boerewors from Antibes at a reasonable price to satisfy a South African’s Pallet.

Ouma Rusks

On those early mornings when you wake up and don’t feel like going dockwalking and all you feel like doing is lying on a couch with your dogs beside you, a quick remedy of some coffee and Ouma Rusks can always give you the energy you require.

Freshpack Rooisbos Tea

When you are not dockwalking as a greenie you constantly spend you time behind a computer screen. It can be very tiresome and you struggle to find the motivation to keep going. Trust me cup of Rooibos tea can keep you motivated during those long hours of sending countless emails.

Bakers Eet sum More

When you have been dockwalking for hours and you feel like a snack to get you through a long day of walking around one more port handing out resumes... a little Box of Eet Sum Mores in your bag can give you the required sugar boost to get you keep you motivated.

Rugby at the Hopstore or The Blue Lady.

As a rugby mad nation there is nothing more comforting than sitting at the pub with a number of patriotic and devout rugby fans cheering on their respective teams on a Saturday.

About the Author - Drew Johnson - Yacht Crew


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