How I Got The Dream

'I grew up in a small town not knowing what was beyond the horizon.' - By Suzette Van Rooyen

In the past two years I have been taken out of my comfort zone, which is a small town called Pietermaritzburg, South Africa to a big city called Cape Town. As many people know Cape Town is an extraordinary place.

I traveled once a month to see my boyfriend who is in the yachting industry. It was tough because we were so far and he was to always leave to go back on the Yacht. In this time he gave me an ultimatum...... our relationship was so important to us and after a year of dating and him constantly leaving he told me I needed to make the decision of joining the yachting industry. So I did!

Its close up to 2 years and I am in my first year of the yachting industry currently based in and around the Seychelles and outer islands. I work from 8-3pm daily so I have my opportunity to fall in love with traveling all over the main island an outer islands. By far my favourite place has to be 'La Digue Island' it is the most secluded little island untouched from the world. Attached you will see images of the most famous beach in the Seychelles its called Anse Lazio its is a beautiful clear blue beach with the whitest sands where you can snorkel with the most beautiful marine life including turtles.

I love to show people what beauty this world has to offer even if some images may not be beautiful but people deserve to see the world at its best and at its worse to make us aware of what we live in and around and teaching them how to appreciate the earth and its life.

About the Author: Suzette Van Rooyen, Superyacht Crew - I have completely fallen in love with traveling and creating an album full of beautiful images of the most beautiful places and I do know that I will not only be staying in the Seychelles but to be moving onward to different countries or islands around the world.


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