Hair Secrets to Survive the Season

So for the next few months you will be out at sea and with only a few minutes to get ready for the long days. In season, rarely do you have the energy to tear yourself away from hours of detailing or the requests from owners or guests. We at Rare Beauty have a few tips on how to have the perfect hair in a that small amount of time you have using what you have onboard.

1.Oily hair

Talcum powder! Yes this is not just for your feet or grandpa's armpits it can be used as a dry shampoo, really recommend this for you blondes. Not washed your hair in a few days? No time? Don't worry, if you spray your dry shampoo or put the talcum powder in at night it will distribute better as you move around in your sleep. Wake up to easy hair.

2. Grey hair

We all have that one grey hair that always shows up before we are due to the salon. Get yourself some brown mascara you can apply a little talc to the hairline and brush the mascara on any greys and like magic they are gone (remember this is a sos not a permanent solution)

3.Hair bands

Hair bands. This seems to be a question I am asked all the time. What is the best option. Well for me if you have fine hair the plastic ones are great and for thicker hair the bungee hair ties are so strong once that ponytail or bun has been achieved you don't need to think about it again all day. You can look on YouTube for tutorials of how to use your new bungee hair ties.

4. Greasy hair

This is one of my favorites. So we all love a good beer on a hot day. But did you know you can use it on your hair? Beer is best, do not use a lager but a good beer or even a flat one. One quick shampoo and pour the beer over your hair a quick rinse and bamm shiny non greasy hair.

5. More for greasy hair

Hand sanitizer! Yup it can a be worked through your hair to remove grease in a hot flash. That hot humid Ibiza air can be great on our bodies but not on our hair. Seriously give it a try you will be amazed at how well it works. But this is a quick fix. Don't use it to much the alcohol can really dry out your scalp. Nothing a good hydrating conditioner can't fix.

6. Dry hair

The sun is great when you are holiday not so great when you have 16 hour shift (if not more) and no time to do a deep conditioning treatment. Oils of all types are great on wet hair. But if you have time off on shore, I would recommend for you to have a keratin blow dry this will last perfectly for 3 months.

7. Hair ups

And finally, our last emergency tip on what to do with greasy hair is – try greasy hair hairstyles. When your hair gets oily and you don’t have time to wash, blow dry and style, then you can try hairstyles for greasy hair, such as side swept or top knot, braid, ponytail or messy ponytail, etc. All these hairstyles are good for those lazy days when you don’t feel like washing your hair, but you still want to look somewhat elegant and glamorous.

GUYS - we didn't forget about your Summer locks

Given that hair is technically dead (in as much as it has no blood, nerves or muscles), it's surprising how much TLC it requires to look its best. And it's not just the actual strands that need care and attention - the scalp does too.

Don't just protect your face and body with sun-cream, protect your scalp too. I recommend getting Davines Sun milk with UV before the season kicks off. It will also tame and moisturize your hair, if you have already set sail then once a month wash hair with a small amount of washing up liquid. "Do this twice and let the second one sit for a minute or two. Then, after rinsing thoroughly, douse the hair with household vinegar, to restore the Ph balance, and rinse again. This will make the hair shiny and freshens up the scalp, leaving it clean and healthy.

Good luck for the season !

I will be waiting to see you on the other end for hair rehab where needed.

About the Author : Sam Monteith has made hair beautiful in UK and NEW YORK before moving to SPAIN. She has been hair dressing for 15 years, and previously ran her own salon in Bristol for 5 years. She has a real passion for hair, it was a career she fell into and has never looked back, and you will feel her love for her passion when you spend five minutes with her. Sam loves natural looking hair and the restoring the hairs condition is number one for her. You can find Sam at Rare Beauty in One Ocean Gallery Building in Barcelona.

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