2018 Is Your Crew Fit Year - We Tell You How

New year, new improved you!

Who else is feeling the damage of the all out festive binge booze and eat-a-thon? Oh sooo goooood at the time but now, sigh. So new year new me was the promise and now we are one quarter the way through ... are you hitting your targets??? I prefer new year, improved me - one that's striving to make those little changes to build towards a new healthier and happier self. So its already deep into March and you are a little behind on that resolution, you decide to go on total mad detox of celery and green tea only to find day 1 and 1/2 you've gone straight for the digestives and put away a whole packet (Guilty !). That ain't going to last girlfriend !!

Habits don't form automatically, small changes over a period of time create lasting changes. What's the point in putting all that effort into some super strict zero cals total death diet just to find that it's unsustainable and all that hard work is down the drain. Cue tears. Focus on eating fresh, nutrient rich foods, upping your water intake, and lowering amount of booze and junk. What like its hard?? Hmm easier said than done!

Most importantly do your best, it's not a competition slow and steady wins the race. Don't bully yourself when inevitably they'll be days when your new healthy eating regime gets derailed. Start again tomorrow, no biggie! What did you get for Christmas?

My lovely bro brought me a Fitbit and I am OBSESSED! I am boring the life out of my husband with regular updates on my step number and sleeping pattern stats. Jokes aside I am actually finding it a great motivational aid to challenge myself to run a little further, work a little harder to get that heart rate up. Had a little look on the internet and there's lots of similar apps that work on the phone eg. Endomondo, Mapmyrun and Strava to name but a few. This got me thinking what motivates you?

For me it's got to be fun, end of! If I'm not enjoying my workout then I won't push myself for the best results. A long run just doesn't cut it for me ... I need great tunes, lots of variety and preferably some girly catch ups to really hit the spot. Lately I've been inspired by the fantastic Cassey Ho's Pop Pilates... have you guys seen her workouts? So fun and what an inspiration to see a real curvy woman smashing it in the fitness scene. Watch this space as I am training to become a Pop Pilates instructor. Super excited to bring this fun girly poppy workout to you South of France kids! So what can you do to boost your own motivational levels this new fit year? I love to explore all the different ways to workout, why not see for yourself what's out there?! Check out what fun new classes are available in your area. (Of course if you are in the Antibes area I run several classes, 'Peachy Full Body Sculpt' & 'You've Got To Burn It To Earn That Peach'. Get in touch to get the low down!)

Be brave and try something new this year! The whole year that is !

Why not try rollerblading with a friend- my absolute new fave thing to do! Lovely fresh outdoors, so many giggles and catch ups you'll almost forget you're burning cals! Get that new app on your phone to measure your distances and challenge yourself to push just that little further each time. A sure fire way to sculpt those thighs and butts, peachy!

Playing circus @CrewAerialFit Scary stuff!


from Becky at Move Well Sports Massage:

"Having taken Sophie’s Peachy full body sculpt class I can tell you first hand it’s a goodie, but no matter how fit you are or how much you’ve been working out, there will always be moves your body isn’t used to and you WILL feel the ache the following day (and in my case the day after too!) ."

FEELING THE ACHE FROM THE JOB? Let us introduce Becky from Move Well Sports Massage

Combining your exercise, especially new and varied routines, with regular sports massage treatments is a great way to ensure your body recovers in between work outs, making it less likely you’ll pick up injuries and helping you feel great which in turn will keep you motivated and ready for more.

Privilege: An hour treatment (at Becky's studio in Antibes) for €55. A saving of more than 15%.

Phone: +0033 781714384

Find me on facebook : www.facebook.com/movewellsportsmassage

Email: movewellsportsmassage@gmail.com

About the Author: Hi I am Sophie Barber, a personal trainer from London, living in Antibes. I have 4 seasons under my belt as both Stewardess and as a Deckhand on a variety of different boats, as well as several ski seasons. 2 years ago I returned to London and trained as a personal trainer. Fitness is my passion and it has been since a young age, making it my career was the best decision I have ever made. Now I am back in Antibes and building my business here, in a new location and loving my new life in the sun.

Let me help you towards your goals - the best project you'll ever work on is yourself! What are you waiting for!


Enjoy 20% Privilege with any of La Pache Fitness Personal Training with presentation of your Crew Privilege Card.

Instagram - @lapechefitness

Website - www.lapechefitness.com Keep an eye open for my website where I will be blogging about; "What are the essential items you should buy to help you get a great workout outside of the gym?" As well as my ideas for smashing out HIIT workouts on Deck and 10 min cabin workouts and much more!


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