Did You Say Flight Discounts for Yacht Crew ?

By this stage in the season I am starting to lose energy levels and dream about what I will be doing once the season finishes and I am finally rewarded with some much needed time off. (Which in turn, also means you have to vacate the boat). Boat life is not like a normal 9-5, where you can just not go to work and have time off to relax at home. So I don’t know about the rest of you, but when it’s my turn to take time off, all I want to do is travel – without the boat, and her crew, who even though I love you all, I have kind of had enough of you and am in need of some hard earned me time!

So because of this I am SUPER excited to share with you all that Crew Privilege have worked their butts off to score all of us Yacht Crew amazing flight deals! These discounts are available for flights with in the EU. And the even better news, these are available as soon as Monday! So, the scoop is, flight specials will be priority booking for Crew Privilege members on each weeks best prices on flights with Air Malta, we will get the discounted flights sent to us each Monday before any general public and these can be up anywhere up to 80% off! No idea how they managed it, but they did.

So those of us who may have slightly over indulged in the 12 hour break between charters and may not have a giant surplus that everyone believes we should have, even though all of our friends and family think we are out here making a million dollars with no living expenses, so obviously we are absolutely rolling in surplus cash, can now afford easily to go somewhere amazing. All with the help of Crew Privilege fighting the good fight for us!!!

So how do I get access to this and so many more global Crew Privileges ?

1) You need to be Crew or actively seeking a Crew Position

2) Log on to www.crewprivilege.com

3) Order your Crew Privilege Card. Your virtual card will be sent to you, which means you can start using your Crew privileges today !!

>> Flight specials will be emailed every Monday to Crew Privilege Members

>>> Is there somewhere you think is a great place where we should be getting Crew Privileges ? Email your recommendations to vanessa@crewprivilege.com and we will get you %off within the week !

I am jumping over to www.crewprivilege.com to sign up right now, the €50 annually for the card which gives me access to all of this as well as a full winter schedule of events. Imagine flying into Heathrow, London and visiting an Elite Mayfair Bar (where I will also get some amazing Crew Privilege discounts!) then doing some sightseeing and jumping over to Barcelona and catching up with some old crew mates, eating tapas and drinking sangria at Elephant Lounge for 30% off and then doing an Escape Room together (another Crew Privilege discount!) then stopping off for some well deserved Vinos at FOC bar! (More discounts!). Then back to Antibes to squeeze in some sunset yoga with Samasthi House of Yoga (minus 20%) before dinner at the healthy Graze restaurant (another 20% off) Sounds like heaven to me!

About the Author: Pip Stubbing, Sole Stew

I have been in the industry over 2 years and joined up because I love to travel. I am from Auckland, New Zealand and have so far sailed the Med, Caribbean and East Coast USA and cannot wait to see more. I previously worked in Banking and have never looked back since starting in yachting.

>>> Is there somewhere you think is a great place where we should be getting Crew Privileges ? Email your recommendations to vanessa@crewprivilege.com and we will get you %off within the week !

Crew Privilege membership is an exclusive Crew Membership Card that gets Crew global discounts and is a smart way of saving your pennies wisely and still enjoying your precious time on shore. sign up here: www.crewprivilege.com

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