As a Crew Privilege member I get introduced to many great discounts and experiences that Crew Privilege has to offer, but as a woman with a colossal obsession with make up and all things beauty, our best privilege must be our 50% discount at Inglot. I visited the store in two locations twice in one week in Malta and I was genuinely impressed !

One of the great things about Inglot is the receptive personnel. Upon arrival I was greeted by a make up artist, ready to assist and happy to cater to any needs or special requests I might have, say sensitive skin for example. In Malta, the store at the Point Mall, you can have your hair done; and I did. I was escorted to my very own private VIP room that includes a chair and a rinsing basin, closed off from the commotion with a curtain. I was allocated a talented hairdresser as well as a nail technician. I felt exceptionally spoiled seeing as all this is for me and, also, would you like some champagne… Uh Duh. I had so many laughs during my appointment that I was thoroughly immersed in the moment and lost all sense of responsibility. That usually happens to me in make up stores.

The other great thing is the variety and quality of their products. I personally prefer Inglot over other brands like Mac, as I feel the products are ‘user- friendly’. What I mean by that is that even as a beginner you can choose basic eye shadows or light foundations and won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of products you need to create a look, for example their magnetic eye shadow palettes. These palettes make it easy as you can choose your favourite colours and it can be two, three, six or more colours in individual packs. I adore these, because as soon as you finish a colour, you remove it and replace it with a new one. Another favourite product is the Make up Fixer. Your face will not move ! A few sprays and you can be assured you will look glamorous from the morning into the night. I am still amazed by this product.

As if that isn’t enough, as a crew member continually travelling the world, the ultimate benefit must be that they have 680 stores around the globe. You can have access to their facilities almost everywhere you go. Ran out of mascara, no problem. Broke your favourite red lip, grab a new one, and at 50% off the normal selling price I would grab two. Perhaps one in blue!

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