Hey Guys we have guest bloggers today, Flying Locas!

They are two Polish flight attendants living in Mallorca for the past 5 years. They recommend what to do & see on the island.

Ready to dicover the best spots of Mallorca with Flying Locas?

Let's start this week in a proper way :)

Hopefully you had a good Monday and you will have even better Tuesday!

Here are some recommendations about the evening attractions in Palma de Mallorca where we have lived since 2012 and work as flight attendants.

Between flights we have time to check the most desirable places to spend our free time and we wish to share our experieneces with you!

If you have a layover or you are just on the island on any given Tuesday; Ruta Martiana is a must event to attend!

A bunch of bars participate in this tasty event (7pm till midnight) offering you a variety of tapas and drinks at reasonable prices! These bars are located in the picturesque Old Town of the city and where you have a great opportunity not only to try local specialities but also meet other international people who head to Ruta Martiana.

We have chosen our favourite 3 bars (visible on the map as well) which you can not skip during your Tuesday stay in Palma de Mallorca!


Moltabarra is the start of Ruta Martiana, as its owner had an idea to unite with other bars located nearby and offer visitors the best quality pinchos, wines, and beers at attractive prices, among different places in the neighbourhood .

Moltabarra was created in a former cosmetic shop and thanks to its unique decorations it´s considered a mix of art, culture, gastronomy, music and craziness. The chefs serve you colorful 'pinchos' and drinks in such an original place!


The second place worth our recommendation is Lemon Tree Bar which was founded just 3 years ago but attracts the same big amount of people as Molltabar and is located just next door!

A Polish girl is the owner of this place and besides all the local drinks you can try there are even Polish beverages! However, Lemon Tree Bar is famous for its hamburgers prepared in many ways so even vegans find a tasty solution for themselves!

During Ruta Martiana, Lemon Tree Bar serves other 'pinchos' as well, while the other days of the week its all about the burgers. An interesting fact about this bar is that it co-operates with @Connect Lingus group and on Fridays they organize 'language exchanges.' Here people integrate and improve their level of different languages, as well as enjoy some tasty food and drinks served at the bar!

And the most important point: CrewPrivilege members get a special discount there!! So rememebr -> whenever you are in Palma de Mallorca (not only on Tuesday) do not forget to drop by to Lemon Tree Bar and enjoy its specialities!


Our third choice, last but not least, is Ca La Seu, located in the antique plaiting shop from XVI century!

This explains its interior decorations, the place is full of hanging baskets and of course serves famous Spanish tapas!

See you in Mallorca!

Love the tips ?

For more information about this great event that´s gaining more and more popularity each week, we can be found on one of Flying Locas videos, dedicated especially to Ruta Martiana!!

Keep following Flying Locas on YouTube channel and our next posts to stay updated about best spots on the island and CrewPrivilage discounts :)

Flying Locals on You Tube : Flying Locas!

Also follow them in instagram: flyinglocas_mallorca

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