How a small group of thoughtful, committed CREW can change the world

Why is volunteering good for the soul?

Coming from a yachting background we see a lot of what the mega rich spend their money on and often end up living the high life style that our employers do, just a taste of the debauchery. Waking up one morning on charter to the usual chaos of having the guests on board, where a tiny ‘non-issue’ becomes the biggest problem in the world. One of the guests was terribly upset that there was a wrinkle in her shirt making out as if the world is about to end. In that moment I realised how small some people’s problems really are. Over the several years I spent in yachting this was the day I changed my view on the world. People are dying because they have no food or water and this guest has a wrinkle in her shirt. I wrote my resignation and decided that from that day forward there was a bigger purpose for me in this world.

Returning home with a different outlook, my eyes where open. I see how badly some people live, they have nothing, no running water, no electricity, none of the luxuries which we are blessed with every day. This is a world where I could be making a difference in many people’s lives. When I started Working for Bopa Monyetla we went into the villages to meet the community members, seeing the smiles on those people’s faces, smiles of hope and eyes shining with excitement, in that one moment my soul was ignited with passion for the work we do for these communities.

Most of us live in a perfect bubble, we have what we need and everything works as it should. we do not see how difficult it is for some people to get the most basic things. We take the little luxuries for granted, Often the simplest things in life like getting a drivers licence can be unattainable in these communities. Without a driver’s license it is almost impossible for them to apply for a job in the Police or the Army. I was so shocked to learn that the girls in these communities miss out on 25% of their schooling per year, essentially a quarter of their education because they do not have access to sanitary products, I have never had to worry about something like that and it never crossed my mind. These girls are losing out on their education and its heart breaking. Together Bopa Monyetla hopes to make a drastic change in these numbers with our Subs and Drivers projects.

What can you do to make a small difference in someone else’s life? Volunteering. It does not have to cost you a thing except your time, your time is valuable and even more so if it is spent helping those that are less fortunate. There are many types of organisations who help the needy. Bopa Monyetla Focuses on Education and Conservation, within our conservation projects they may vary depending on the needs of Madikwe Game reserve and its fauna and flora. Many exciting projects are coming up all the time. There is nothing better than being in the peaceful bush.

Our Education projects are always looking for Volunteers to help with tutoring people community members, helping out with recreational soccer and netball training and If you have a flare for arts, crafts, dancing and singing come and help members of the community work on their skills in our community studios. I love spending time in the communities and getting to know these special people. I always leave with a full and happy heart, knowing I made a difference in someone’s day.

Every person in this world has the opportunity to make a difference, working together towards a similar goal will bring change, even if it seems tiny to you, it is huge for these communities.

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