BEST yacht marinas for crew – During COVID 19

Following on from our previous blog post on ‘BEST yacht marinas for crew regarding facilities, activities, generally being awesome marinas for crew’ we thought this one was very NOW appropriate – COVID 19 appropriate !

I reached out to some of you to ask your opinions, the good and the bad – because not only do we want to celebrate the amazing work that some marinas do, we also want to inspire others to do the same and also want to show them that we as crew notice when they are not providing a great crew service. To let them know that these ports, marinas and shipyards that they run are our home away from home and it would nice for some more thought, care and more hospitable practices put in place.

I’ll start with some negatives just to get them out of the way –

  • No effort with extra cleanliness

  • It seemed people could still come and go as they pleased

  • All staff and employees at the shipyard just left, and we couldn’t find anyone to contact or get information from

  • LACK of communication

  • We got yelled at for working on deck as it wasn’t treated as a ‘core’ business

And now the BEST part, now for the good -


This marina ALWAYS lands at the TOP of our list and is always the most voted for when crew think of the BEST marinas.

I’m sure you all know the amazing things that Rybovich organise and provide for crew, I just want to touch a few of the main points -

  • Daily entertainment

  • Chill out area

  • A nice big pool

Now during COVID 19, things were obviously slightly different, but they never ceased to impress even during these hard times.

Some of the things Rybovich did for crew -

  • Virtual quiz nights

  • Food delivery from the M/Y Café

  • An active Instagram page, with support offered

  • Full disinfection, increased cleaning and additional hand sanitizing stations

Grand Harbour Marina, Malta

If you haven’t yet visited Malta on your boat, it’s a MUST visit. A truly beautiful, historical island, quaint enough that you feel part of a family.

Grand Harbour Marina was voted as one of the best marinas during COVID 19, they went above and beyond –

“We are very proud of all the crew, this is not an easy situation, especially since they are used to numerous weekly activities from our end, such as yoga, football and mid-week socials. So this was our way to show our gratitude towards them and at the same time touch base with everyone and let them know we are thinking of them” Gordon Vassallo Marina Manager

  • Champagne and easter eggs delivered to boats individually

  • Virtual crew programme including yoga and personal training sessions –

“This has been a challenging time for all of us, even more so being away from our families, so it was really fantastic for the marina to host weekly online personal training and yoga classes to keep us mentally and physically healthy whilst we chose to social distance by staying onboard” Ross Narramore, Bosun 77m M/Y Samar “The marina always do such a great job in going the extra mile to put a smile on the crews faces. As a captain, the satisfaction and healthy mindset of my crew is of utmost importance to me, especially during such otherwise confusing times. Surprising us all with easter egg treats was really appreciated by us all” Riaan Woest, Captain 60mM/YIDOL

  • An active Facebook & Instagram page

  • Increased cleaning

Taina marina, Tahiti

Voted one of the most PICTURESQUE marinas in THE WORLD !! Now that is saying something. I personally never had the opportunity to visit Tahiti, but I know many boats visit, so this is a reminder to those going soon, Taina Marina is a WIN WIN – let your captains know!

Described as a “Tropical paradise port” By Phil Davies (@phillip_davis_). Start your day snorkelling and taking in the wonders of the ocean and end it with a beautIful sunset over Moorea Island.

In the words of Phil Davies himself…..

“Without a doubt the most picturesque harbour in my yachting career to date.

Forget about the French Riviera towns with their beautiful streets and historical landmarks, Tahiti’s marina Taini is a tropical paradise port.

Protected by only an outer reef from the pervailing south swell and SW winds, this port is located within the Tahiti reef and pretty much 100m from the reef itself. Offering yachts up to 60m a birth. With minimal super yacht births available, it’s a quaint, uncrowded port compared to the norm yachties are accustomed to” <<<< LOVE THIS!!!

“Turtles , eagle rays and manta rays swimming around the boats is the norm. the water is beautiful and clear with shoot 5m visibility and the coral that lives on the dock pilons is more colorful than any you might see at well know dive spots.

Take a paddle board 100m across the the fairway channel and you’re into 4m of shallow crystal clear water over reefs and swimming with black tip reef sharks, Turtles and dory. I’d like to compare it to an aquarium”

“To top it all off, each day ends with either rain or, more often than not, the most beautiful sunsets over moorea island -- By far the coolest little port I’ve tied to”

MB92, Barcelona

I absolutely loved hearing your responses, and these by Madison Jay (@madisonjay__) really made me smile – it really does make a difference when you go above and beyond!

  • They delivered a massive bunch of roses for Sant Jordi day to all the boats

  • Sent bottles of wine with a cute message, saying how much they are looking forward to hosting social events again

“We wanted to find a piece from each celebration that we normally do face to face combined with local ingrediants. So as a result, we decided to bring on board some local wine, a Barcelona region vineyard guide for our future plans together and a touch of Spring with a sunflower basket” Marina Peyrard Customer Care Manager.

As you can see from the above marinas, going above and beyond really does make a huge difference to crew welfare, happiness and work ethic and will definitely keep the boat visiting over and over again.

Be sure to check out my ‘COVID 19 stories’ blog post HERE


Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed reading this. If there is a topic you’d love to know more about let me know either my messaging on our @crewprivilege Instagram account of emailing at

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