A Celiacs Guide to Barcelona

Although celiac and gluten sensitivity is rising everyday, it is something Europe is yet to completely comprehend. Growing up around fresh ingredients and local produce, Europeans have a stomach of STEEL. But us celiac and food sensitive travellers still have to be aware of what we are putting in our tummies.

I’ve done the research and found you the crème de le crème of Celiac and Vegan friendly places in my city. The one and only Barcelona!

When the owner of a popular Spanish supermarket found out his daughter was celiac he took it into his own hands and started importing a lot of gluten free products into Spain and alas! GF was born.

Celiac Brands

The brand SHAR, found in most supermarkets, has been my absolute LIFESAVER! From bread, to Oreos, to pizza bases this brand has you covered and can be found in most popular supermarket chains.

Gluten free Beer

When I first found out I was celiac I thought ‘oh ok, I just can’t have pizza or pasta; I will survive.’ Then it hit me. White rice vinegar (found in sushi), Soy sauce, curry pasta…. Everything had gluten.

And then it really really came crashing down on me… BEER.

You can take away pizza, hell you can even take away sushi, but PLEASE do not take away a cold beer with friends after a long day’s work. Lucky, of course, Spain has you covered.

I present to you…. Daura Dam, Gluten free beer. Available at Amarre69 for 10% off with your CP card!

Gluten free restaurants.

When I sat down at Amaree69 and glanced over the menu I could have jumped up and kissed the owner. FINALLY a restaurant that lists not only gluten, but also everything else! Nuts, eggs, animal products, fish. Got an allergy? Amarre69 has you covered.

I ordered a goats cheese salad and a VITABOMB smoothie.

The owner prides himself on using fresh ingredients, not that fake syrup stuff. After I demolished my salad he brought out deep fried eggplant (you can ask for no flour on request) and a tapas plate of beautifully cut up medium rare steak (replacing the break with a padron pepper, I like his style.) And last but not least, a tasting platter of his home brewed, straight from the barrel RUM!!!!

I left feeling full (but not bloated), happy and well, a little but tipsy.


Located close to the port you can receive 10% off with your CP card!

Most importantly… TACOS.

Corn tortillas, gluten free sauces, vegetarian options….

Look no further than Carabela Cafe.

The photo says more than I can ever write. Get there.


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By Katie Valentine - Dreamer; Storyteller, Travelling Crew DJ

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