In a relationship; with Barcelona.


When people see my eyes light up and my heart rate exhilarate at the sheer mention of the ‘B’ word they always ask me. ‘Why Barcelona?’ my reply is always ‘For Love’ little do they know I’m talking about the city, not a person.


I will never forget the feeling of exhilaration as I packed my things into a taxi and stuck my head out the window like a puppy dog as we went along the highway to my new life with absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing, I just knew it was right. I was escaping a repetitive life full of anxiety, terrible men, and filling holes with alcohol, food and unhealthy thoughts. Off to a life full of new experiences, new boyfriends, a new language (which I still have no idea how to speak) and a new story. I can be whoever I wish to be!


That doesn’t mean running 15 thousand kilometers across the world is going to rid you of all your problems, but oh it is so much better to have a bad day in Spain than anywhere else in the world. For when you have a case of the mean reds or blues there is an array of beautiful Gaudi buildings, charming cafes and even more charming streets to explore.


I know every city has it’s charm, it’s own language, it’s own culture, But there is nothing as enchanting as Barcelona before 10am. The eeriness of the quiet streets. It is like for a brief moment I am in a zombie apocalypse and it is just me and my city. When simple tasks like getting your morning coffee or buying groceries are some of the most visually stimulating experiences of your life you know you have hit the location JACKPOT.




It sure as hell does not get more enchanting than this.




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