October 23, 2017







Check out our new partners!!!

They have great deals for us.  From healthy food and drinks, to surf lessons, caribbean food, and theatrical dinner experience.  There is something for everyone.



Fit Bar 
This bar is a great option for people who are looking for healthy and quick food. It's more than a space in Barceloneta, its a concept of life. Every day our team thinks and works with new ideas for everyone to have a healthier life.
15% Crew Privilege 
Location: Carrer Sant Miguel 41
Telephone: +34 640529376



Green Spa & Beauty 
After a long day or week of working, it's time to reconnect and relax. At Green spa, they focus on helping you reconnect with your best self through physical and emotional replenishment. Enjoy services ranging from relaxation, massage, facials and beauty & body treatments. Don't you feel more relaxed just thinking about it. There is also a space to disconnect from the outside world and connect within, nourish the body, mind and soul.
Call us or book online your time.
20% Crew Privilege 
Location: Calle Meer 50, Barceloneta
Telephone: + 34 647 905 153



Manihi Surf Bcn  (skateboard and surf board rental)

Working so close to the beach lends for so many things to do. Why not rent a skateboard and take a ride down the boardwalk. Or better yet, learn how to surf or paddle surf.  Barceloneta is a great place to learn and practice wáter sports.
15% Crew Privilege on rentals and classes
Location: Carrer de Meer 47-49

Telephone: 93 8071674



Pura Vida 
Have a taste for some Caribbean food in a fun and chill environment. Try this new partner. Pura Vida is what you say when you clink glasses in Costa Rica. It stands for enjoying life and having fun. Even though we are not in Costa Rica, they chose this slogan to transmit the joy and the lifestyle without worries or stress that characterizes the Caribbeans.
It was the dream of the owners Sandra and Kenny that came true . They work with all their passion to offer you the best latin tapas, the best cocktails and the best service. Come and escape the daily routine and be part of this lifestyle: Pura Vida!
20% Crew Privilege 
Location : C/ Mercaders 20, 08003, Barcelona
Telephone : 603 726 904



Teatro en la mesa 
Dinner with a twist. Imagine combining dinner and the theatre and being part of the show. It is a theatrical concept that is developed during a meal or dinner where the diners are the audience.
Eating is basic and necessary but also social. Sitting at a table becomes a stage where the guests themselves become indirect participants of the performance. Bringing the theatre to the table we offer in a platea so intimate that the participants live a fantasy as a reality.
20% Crew Privilege 
For reservations send an email to or check their website,



Lola Mola

Ever just crave a burger or nachos or a pizza? After a long day sometimes all you need is some comfort food. Lola Mola is just the place for this. Least not forget about the Rock & Roll music to accompany your meal. What else could you ask for? Oh and they have salads and vegan options as well.
15% Crew Privilege 
Location: Paseo Juan de Borbon 74
Telephone: +34 687 557627
Open from 11:00-00:00



These deals are only applicable to those with the CP card.  Do you have yours?  What about your friends?  Click the link and get your card today!





Phone / Whatsapp: +34 654 432 949 


Location: One Ocean Port Vell








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