When I arrived at Heidi’s apartment near Plaza Espanya, little did I know what a treat this would actually turn out to be! I’ve experienced back pain since the age of 10 and have frequented chiropractors once a month ever since. I’ve also never had a massage that left me feeling “rejuvenated “ or “ revitalized," which most of them claim to leave you feeling at spas worldwide. Maybe its because every time I’ve stated “ Gentle, relaxing massage “ to the therapist I’ve ended up going on a roller-coaster nightmare of prodding, pulling of limbs and elbowing.  So with that being said I didn’t say anything to Heidi about what type of massage I needed because she claimed she would feel it out and then massage accordingly.



She’s trained in osteothai, deep tissue, holistic and a few others. Let me tell you, what a holistic experience I had indeed! She operates out of a room in her spacious apartment wherein; just the beautiful smells would have you falling asleep! Heidi easily found her way around my aches and pains and worked at each spot releasing so much accumulated tension. My time came to an end (sadly) and I could barely open my eyes properly for about 20 minutes post treatment. I then had a nap because staying awake wasn’t an option.



Heidi managed to restore my view of massages, now the only issue is how will I fit her in my suitcase when I go to Bali at the end of the week? I would highly recommend Heidi because her calming aura, lovely life stories and experienced hands will take you on the most pleasant journey.



Perfect for after – season stress relief!



Phone / Whatsapp: +34 655 16 69 62 


Location: Close to Placa Espana - Barcelona 

Privilege : 20% off all treatments


About the author : Kirsty Bouch has been in Yachting for 2.5 years as a service stewardess on large yachts. 





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