The #1 Vegan Stop in Palma

Ziva 'To Go' is a beautifully, delicious vegan restaurant, situated in Son Bugadellas, close to Santa Ponsa.

A place which I like to call my vegan corner, the energy and the natural style of the place is what draws me back again and again.

The divine food which comes in a variety of options, dare I say that whatever you’re craving they probably have it on the menu, they are just that fantastic. The menu ranges from sandwiches, salad, pasta fruit and vegetable options for both vegans and raw vegan, even for a day when carnivores just want to taste something different that is so fresh and makes your taste buds explode. As a raw vegan myself, my personal favourites in the Spanish sunshine are the raw vegan snacks paired with hummus for dipping and fresh fruit juice or smoothie! It is the perfect lunchtime treat while you are going about your day. Everything in this restaurant is made from love and something which I love about the place is you can see meals been prepared.

Ziva is not afraid to show how much time and thought they put in to their food and how well it is prepared, that and it is a taste bud tantaliser. Food is served all day long, fancy a change to your usual breakfast routine, please head here it would make the most positive start to your day. Can’t stay? We all know how busy life can be, which is why they provide a take-out service, that pasta dish you are craving but just don’t have time, to enjoy the surroundings, take your little piece of vegan heaven with you and enjoy on the go.

If you’re like me than toilet cleanliness is a must and the cuter the bathroom well the happier I am also, having travel the world, in and out of airports, sea terminals, restaurants, you name it I’ve most likely done it. Ziva to goes bathroom is super cute and most importantly super clean, so that bathroom break you needed, rest assured you can relive yourself in cuteness.

What about the air-con, the parking, and the most important development in technology to date, what about the wi-fi you ask?

Air-con is amazing and definitly present all year round in the fabulous Spanish sun, parking in Son Bugadellas is great, there’s plenty of it and its situated close by. These guys also have a restaurant in the capital Palma, which right now I have not been too, so parking I am unaware of I can imagine it not being as easy to park there due to the bustling city traffic. Okay, okay wi-fi you want to hold your business meetings here, go right ahead the wi-fi is fantastic it works and is of high speed, so no worries that you will miss an important, email, text or video conference all surrounded by positive energy and that flavour busting smoothie you’re sipping.

About the Author

A worldwide traveler, just turned 35, even though she feels like 30 again. Young by heart we could say by name Chloé is someone who likes unusual things. Things that are very different in so many perspectives. Since she remembers, she wanted to move from her country Slovenia where she never felt home. Her journey started at age of 23,5 when she got a job on a big cruise lines, called Carnival. She worked 4 years on a different cruise lines around the world and had the best life , even though she worked long hours. Seeing world and dealing with more then 60 different nationalities was something she needed at the time. After ship life, she decided to move in a few different countries around the world and move on. But one day, she found out about this amazing private yachts world that she was curious about.

Two years of very hard work in a yacht industry , traveling and working in the South of France, Italy, Sweden and Bahamas, she decided its her time to move on again. She got this great opportunity to work in this beautiful island Mallorca that has a spirit in a private luxury villa. Unfortunately, not much time to discover around, but she definitely found some vegan/raw vegan places to eat. She has been vegan/raw vegan for the past 3y and 13y vegetarian before. She is very much into spirituality, protective for animals, healthy lifestyle with lots of sports since always and very passionate dancer with lots of energy. She is also a writer with a big heart and she is preparing her first autobiography and hopefully soon her first movie based on a true story. She fall in love in this beautiful island and for the first time, this feels like home. Sandy beach, sunshine and swimming is something she would always do in her free time.


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