Ibiza Like A Local

Ibiza like a local

When most hear the word ‘Ibiza’ they think big clubs, loud music, VIP booths and no sleep. What most don’t know (and I didn’t for my first few trips to Ibiza that much resembled ‘The Hangover’) is that Ibiza holds 55 of the most beautiful beaches I have ever had the pleasure of tanning my buns on.

Step into my world as I show you how to sneakily live like a local.

Cala Bonita

My favorite restaurant on the entire island, an Ibiza trip is not complete if I don’t come here for a cucumber and watermelon salad and a rose created by Australian Chef. Nestled at the bottom of a very rocky road, the difficulty of finding makes it very exclusive and ‘locals only’ vibes.

Los pasajeros

I stumbled upon this last time I was in Ibiza and have eaten there 5 times since. Hidden above a tourist restaurant in the heart of Ibiza Old Town (you know, the ones with photos of the food on the walls at triple the price) you have to climb a small staircase to find this little treasure.

The staff are friendly, smiley and the kitchen is open smack bang right there in front of you, giving it a very homely ‘cooking in your mothers kitchen’ vibes.

I always get the steak and mash with a glass of wine (or 5) for 10 euro!

Croissant Show

The best breakfast and coffee on the Island.


Located at the beautiful Cala Sol Den Serra which is a bit of a ‘local only’ route to get to (Go right through Cala Llonga and turn right at the end junction, there is an Amante sign post. Follow the road for about 900 meters and you arrive in the car park. You can’t miss the signs and the steps down to the restaurant.)

Here I indulged in a Pina Colada and a Moscow Mule and marveled at the view in front of me.

About the Author: Katie Valentine; Dreamer, Storyteller, Travelling Crew DJ.


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