The Last Traditional Places in Barcelona For Free Tapas

June 21, 2018

Tapas: what an easy way to eat! Sharing tasty food and try a bit of everything, with your friends or family, is the way to enjoy food in Spain. You should know that in some parts of this great country, tapas are given for free just by ordering a drink, any time your glass is refilled a little plate of delicious food is served and included in the price: just great!



Unfortunately is not like this everywhere and, Catalunya in general, is not very keen in keeping this tradition alive, but Barcelona is a big city and I found my spots!

There are still some places where you can have free samples of different food anytime you order a glass, clearly you can ask for more food from the menu if you are looking for a more substantial meal, but if your goal is having drinks, tapas and on a budget, these are the places you need to check out:





Carrer Samsó 8, 08012 Barcelona

Neighborhood: Gracia


This modern bar in the heart of Gracia will surprise you with a long and detailed menu of tapas from meatballs to couscous, the international flavours of its tapas are contagious!
















La Alcoba Azul 

Carrer de Sant Domenec del Call 14, 08002 Barcelona

Neighborhood: Gotico


Hidden in the charming and narrow streets of the Gotic quarter, La Alcoba Azul is a bar and restaurant full of intimate atmosphere. Small tables, soft lights and stone walls create a unique space where you can taste good wine and a free sample of yummy little tostadas for any glass you ask.




















Cal Chusco 

Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada, 5, 08003 Barcelona

Neighborhood: Barceloneta


Get lost in the side streets or alleyways of Barceloneta to enjoy a glimpse of an authentic fisher neighbourhood and treat yourself with a yummy stop over in Cal Chusco, a local bar that offers you 4/5 varieties of tapas to be served with your drink!





















Gata Mala 

Carrer Rabassa, 37, 08024 Barcelona, España

Neighborhood: Gracia

The vibrant neighborhood of Gracia never stops to surprise and his bar’s scene even more. Gata Mala is a busy and local bar that worth a visit. Nice staff and tasty tapas, this little spot is a great way to start your evening. The bar is pretty small so if you want to stay for dinner it’s a smart idea to make a reservation.


About the Author: Valeria Batistini - Val, originally from Italy, moved to Barcelona to pursue her dreams as a writer (and eat her way through the Spanish streets in the process.) 









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