Health Benefits of Aloe Vera on the road

What is this?? And what do I do with it?

As a private chef and adventurer, I have circled the globe at least three times. Wherever I go I visit the locals and shop at the Market Square in the mornings for fresh local goods. Here I always come across new and interesting people and their goods. I LOVE it when I come across something I’ve never seen before. That is when I ask, “What is this? And, what do I do with it?” The funny thing is my new friend usually starts by telling me what it is good for. After that they tell me the many different ways to prepare and use it.

As a health-oriented chef, I am aware that all natural edibles offer some type of health benefit. I am also aware that every pharmaceutical drug got its start as a plant and is a synthetic form of a plant molecule with negative side effects. As Hippocrates said, “Let our food be our medicine and our medicine be our food.”

There are SO many health benefits we can receive by adding Aloe Vera to our lives either topically or internally.

Three very impressive benefits are;

• Increased Cognitive Function

• Wound Healing • Intercellular Rejuvenation

Shake Recipe

  • 1 cup coconut water (check Nutritional Facts for 9g Sugar or lower)

  • 2 inches of Aloe Vera Fillet inner gel

  • 10-20 small oregano leaves

  • 1 cup fresh blueberries

  • a scoop of your favorite shake powder

  • a huge handful of fresh Spinach, Sprouts and/ or Power Greens

How to fillet Aloe Vera

Slice a 1-2-inch section, stand it on end and slice off serrated edges.

Keeping it on the same edge, slice off the flatter face by cutting downward.

Still keeping it on the same edge, cut it in half longwise.

Lay it on its peel and remove the last peel as if you’re filleting a fish.

Save the peel. Rub the slippery inside of the peel on your skin after showering.

Aloe Vera health benefits include relieving heartburn, speeding up burn healing,

alleviating menstrual pain, reducing inflammation, hydration, detoxifying the

body and treating constipation. Other benefits include improving gut health,

helping to manage diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels, helping to alkalinize

blood, reducing the risk of cancer, supporting the immune system, boosting the

health of the skin and supporting dental health.

Coconut Water health benefits include supporting fat loss, promoting digestion, supporting cardiovascular and kidney health. Other benefits include relieving headaches and migraines, supporting pregnancy, improving skin condition, fighting

bacteria, and keeping the body hydrated.

Oregano health benefits includes reducing infections, protecting damage to cells by free radicals, strengthening against common cold, reducing menstrual cramps and inflammation and killing intestinal parasites.

Other benefits include

* Combating bacteria

* Supporting heart health

* Supporting fat loss and improving digestion.

Blueberries health benefits include improving cognitive function, slowing the aging process, a good source of vitamins and minerals, supporting a healthy heart, promoting healthy immunity, enhancing the skin, supporting healthy eyes, and reducing risk of high blood pressure.

Leafy Greens and Sprouts health benefits include improving digestive health, maintaining good eyesight, balancing cholesterol levels, enhancing the skin, raising iron levels, increasing circulation to the scalp, fighting free radicals, supporting

cardiovascular health, promoting fat loss and boosting energy.

As Crew Members, shakes such as this one are perhaps the best quick go-to meal

and probably the most nutritious meal you will have all day!!!

For a meal replacement shake powder, choose an option with at least 20 grams of slow digesting protein such as pea and chia seed powder. Make sure it is low glycemic and also contains numerous plant-based vitamins, minerals, probiotics

and prebiotics.

About the Author - Victoria - Crew Chef


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