Beat the Monday blues

If you love your job or didn’t party on the weekend, then Monday blues don’t apply to you.

However, if you indulged in a few too many Aperol Spritz on the weekend and rolled on home in an uber at 5am like yours truly. You well and truly. Absolutely. Hate. Monday.

After a day of running around I made my way to Ambrosia Spa to for an hour of R&R away from the world.

Located in the beautiful charming streets of Gracia, I whipped down a side street and instantly got a whiff of essential oils and was delighted to see they were coming out of my final destination.

I was greeted by the smiling face of the woman at the front desk and taken to the couch to get changed into some slippers and have a very much needed lemon.

Daniela came out to introduce herself and I instantly felt the weight of the world wash away as she guided me into the room and instructed me to get comfortable on the table. I explained to Daniela I had a few back injuries from too many Ryanair flights and a bit of dancing on the weekend and she got to work. Checking in with her soft voice how the pressure was (fabulous) and if I felt ok (absolutely freaking fantastic thanks to you). I was catapulted to absolute heaven, nodding off here and there.

By the time Daniela gently informed me the massage was over I forgot where I even was.

She left me with some towels to have a shower and I met her back in the lounge area for a glass of hot tea as we exchanged stories.

I walked out feeling a million dollars and slept like an absolute baby without all the kinks in my back.

Crew ! Receive 10% off the entire ‘luxury sensation’ menu with your CP card. Monday you won’t regret it.

By Katie Valentine (

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