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Looking for a cooking class with style, culture, and diversity. Check out this new partner.

Here are three Galician friends – Candido, Tony, and Emma, who met in Barcelona several years ago. As they discovered their shared passions - love for the gastronomy of their homeland and the desire to share it with the world - the idea of Barcelona Cooking was born. It became obvious to them that launching a recreational cooking school provided the platform to offer unique, fun, memorable cultural experiences to travelers visiting or living in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

They strive to provide the best cultural and gastronomic experience to everyone that participates in the cooking classes, tapas and market tours. They care immensely about their growing team, and provide them the training and tools to succeed.

They are thoughtful of carbon footprints and utilize local farms and suppliers for all their food products.

When you visit us while taking a class or participating in a tour, please make sure to stop by the office and say hello!

Location: La Rambla, 58, ppal 2. Barcelona - 08002, Spain

Phone:(+34) 931.191.986



Crew Privilege: 10% discount for individuals or 1 in a group of 5 for free


The sea became a philosophy of life. Like an approaching wave, at Moloka’I we want to bring this way of life closer to all the people that come to our SUP Center. At Moloka’i we do more than SUP.

We want to do our bit, day by day, wave by wave, to achieve a point when the sea plays a bigger role in our lives. We would like to share our knowledge about the sea to learn from it and about it. There are still too many people who live with their back to the sea and they are missing many wonderful things. The sea gives us and takes away, and for that reason, we should know how to make the most of what it offers us and we should know how to take care of it and respect it at the same time. With Stand Up Paddle we can enjoy the sea and connect with it easily and cheaply. We perceive all its energy because when we are doing Stand Up Paddle, just a very thin board separates us from the sea and we constantly feel the water and the waves under our feet. In our small islands we also get away from the city and its stress, a breath of peace that helps us to live in the present and forget about time and traffic jams. SUP is probably one of the quickest ways to get away from the city and be surrounded by nature. SUP is suitable for any age group or fitness level. At Moloka’i we will bring you closer the sea with safety and confidence. We make sure you do a good workout, feel great and enjoy its benefits. Come along on your own or with a group of friends and enjoy this fun and easy activity. Aloha!

Location: Calle Meer, 39 08003 Barcelona (La Barceloneta) Email: Phone: (+34) 932 214 868 or (+34) 654 082 099

Website: Crew Privilege:

(1) Full Beginner Course: 3 lessons (5 hours in total) and 3 hours of free practice in between is the best way to get on the board with a deep knowledge. You will learn everything you need to be able to enjoy the paddle surf safety, with a proper technique to go fast and don’t wait energy, and the most important, don't damage your body.

Price: 90€/personPromo: come with your friends and get one spot free, pay for 5 and enjoy 6!

2) Morning lesson + brunch: enjoy the Med in Barcelona on a SUP board, learn the basics and refuel with a healthy brunch. Sounds a great plan to join with your crew, isn't it?

Price: 30€/personPromo: 15% discount for a groups of 3 to 6 people

3) Basic lesson + Membership: paddle surf is a great sport to join all year round in Barcelona and the best way to do it is becoming a Membership of Moloka'I SUP Center because after having a lesson you will have free entrance to our center from 6.30 to 22h. every day and take a board to paddle out during one hour. Sport, ocean and relax, what else?

Price: 230€ (lesson + 3 month Membership)

Promo: 15% discount for a groups of 3 to 6 people) you may feature one or two Privileges this week and the rest in another blog in weeks-walking dinner : privilege 10% off with a promo code ( clubprivilege )


There is nothing worse than not being able to properly communicate your needs to your doctor. We have signed on with a doctor who will be able to not only understand your needs, but give you referrals as well. Dr. Victoria Howe is a qualified British doctor, native in English, Spanish and Catalan and based in Barcelona. She will personally take charge of your medical care and will be on hand to offer her assistance in the following:

- Doctor´s Appointments: routine and emergency

- Full body check ups including woman´s health and stress programs

- Specialist referrals and hospital admissions

- Complementary tests: blood work, ECG, xrays, MRIs, CAT scans, etc...

Dr. Victoria Howe is based in the centre of Barcelona and she has been working closely for more than 10 years with an extensive network of hospitals and heatlh centres. She is committed to providing high-quality modern medicine in a traditional way. She will ensure that whatever your medical problem may be, it will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

Email: Phone: +34 672299222 Whatsapp: +34 672299222

Address: C/ Sepúlveda, 125, Barcelona Website:

Crew Privilege: 10% off

These deals are only available to those with the CP card. Do you have yours? What about your friends? Crew Privilege Members have these deals and more; not to mention our partnerships are growing everyday. I´ve got my card. Your card, your key to the city.

Click the link and get your card today!

Got a question or suggestion for a new CP partner, contact us....

Phone / Whatsapp: +34 654 432 949


Location: One Ocean Port Vell

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