Mimosas and Massages

Sundays are for brunches right? This Sunday was the ultimate brunch combo of massages and mimosas! Crew relaxed with a personalised massage at the charming Green Spa which is nestled in the backstreets of barceloneta. Mimosas were flowing with freshly squeezed OJ, and in all things emerald, the Brunch was a lush selection of healthy and fruity portions that left the tummies happy.

Wine and Art El Born

A Vista Jet Stewardess, British Airways Pilot, 4 Yacht Crew, 1 Yacht Chef and one stormy night came together and discussed the difference in airline and nautical safety procedures and how to park a super yacht. Seriously! But long after some of Spain and Catalynia's best wines were consumed.

The evening kicked off in a very local art gallery in el born and the pop of Spanish sparkling wine called Cava (-note "copa de Cava por favor" a Spanish sentence to remember for you champagne lovers). Now the exposition of the month was one that, let's just say, was a interesting surprise. With our lack of art knowledge but Cava helping that situation we explored the detailed eye of feminism with a creative twist ( photos below are M rated).

Moving onward towards a wine tasting, through the maze of backstreets, the light rain drops made it perfect wine tasting weather. The venue was dimly lit, raw brick exposed and high arched ceilings. One wall is freshly painted each week by a local street artist and the other is filled with holes with love notes written by locals in the same spirit of Juliet's wall in Verona.

Each wine that was presented got more and more delicious, you could say it was a tapas devastation as with every tasting we had a tapa that paired.

After 6 (very heavily poured ) tastings, the bar fused into a jazz jam session, live piano, singers and sax.

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Location: One Ocean Port Vell

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