The world is your home. What a PRIVILEGE! That's sometimes a lot to deal with. CREWPRIVILEGE addresses the nature of our lifestyles at sea and in the sky. By hooking you up like a local in and around layover and yacht ports destinations round the world.

CREWPRIVILEGE members have access to exclusive PRIVILEGES in our partners establishments, from complimentary cocktails to discounted travel solutions. www.crewprivilege.com is an ever growing database of fun and essential partners and PRIVILEGES in an expanding number of locations.


To provide you with an everyday tool to find services, activities, transport, drinking holes, restaurants and adventure. 




CREWPRIVILEGE events are hosted throughout the year! Our events team select incredible venues, sponsors and entertainment to  ensure you have the best time.

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May 13, 2019

Filled with golden stone buildings, beautifully embellished churches, colourful balconies and glistening blue seas – Malta’s capital, Valetta, might be small, but it's full of wonders and charm. Down every shaded side street there is an ornate restaurant or a dinky caf...

Crew advice on what to do in an hour, a day and a week in Malta.

Washing up liquid, vinegar and beer are all you need for great hair this summer! Survival tips to survive the season for Guys and Girls using DIY hair treatments using onboard items. .

10 tips all potential yacht owners should read before buying a super yacht.

The harsh truth every Crew needs to hear before entering the glamorous world of Yachting.

In the yachting industry, where your job is your lifestyle and you live where you work, the readjustment process is a complete overhaul.

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