Our cabin crew bloggers tell CP their on board and layover stories and tips and tricks of life in the sky.

As yacht crew we spend the majority of our time looking after the VIP’s. Now with Crew Privilege; we are the VIP's - globally!

YACHT CREW TURNS FLIGHT CREW : For those of you who think the "grass is always greener" then why not change your office from Sea to Sky.

April 25, 2017

A sneak peak into the first day initiation pranks all Cabin Crew face.

April 25, 2017

Being Cabin Crew is fun career especially on days you have a newbie operating their first flight.

Being Crew means the world is your home, and what a privilege! We make sure of that by finding Crew Privilege's all over the globe making sure you are living like a local everywhere. We organize VIP Access, deal, discounts and the best events, just for Crew.

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